Whisper Tech Ltd has now completed the manufacturing and distribution transfer of its WhisperGen® micro combined heat and power system from Christchurch to Spain under a joint venture with Spanish cooperative MCC. While the original research, development and prototype testing phases of the eco-friendly WhisperGen® home heating system occurred in Christchurch, manufacturing and distribution activity has been progressively transitioned to where the markets are in Europe.


Based in the Basque region of Spain, Efficient Home Energy (EHE) is the new joint venture company having responsibility for volume manufacture and product distribution.


The transition was completed on 20 September 2011, and will enable Whisper Tech to continue to provide support for its customers and other stakeholders in key markets within the European Union.


Customers and Distributors with enquiries within Europe for the AC WhisperGen® should contact EHE (http://www.ehe.eu) for further information.


The off-grid DC WhisperGen® product has not been available since the beginning of 2011, however support enquiries for DC product should be in the first instance addressed to the distributors listed at: http://www.whispergen.com/main/off-grid/ Or parts requests for the DC WhisperGen® can be sent to


A small Business Development team remains in Christchurch and Business Development enquiries for new markets should be addressed to;


Whisper Tech Limited


Whisper Tech Ltd

P O Box 10840

Wellington, 6143

New Zealand






Whisper Tech Limited is an innovative company using smart technology and creative thinking to address the world’s need for cleaner and more efficient energy use.  

The first commercial fulfilment of our vision is the Stirling engine-based WhisperGen™ heat and power system - a smarter way to provide home heat and power with the added benefit of reduced environmental impact.


This micro combined heat and power (microCHP) system is produced in both on-grid and off-grid forms.



Winner of 'New Zealand Engineering Innovator of the Year 2008'



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