about us

Innovation, environmental responsibility, and uncompromising high quality are the
standards that drive Whisper Tech Limited. We are committed to the design, development
and implementation of our innovative on-grid and off-grid heat and power systems for international distribution.

Whisper Tech Limited was formed in 1995 and currently has its head office, along with its research and development and some manufacturing facilities, based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Protection of the unique intellectual property supporting our innovative products is very important to us. We value highly the goodwill of our customers, our associates, and our established brands and we have an active patenting and trade mark protection strategy in place world wide.


Whisper Tech has formed a joint venture company with Mondragon Corporacion Coopertiva, to form Efficient Home Energy, SL (EHE), based in Spain, who have been granted the WhisperGen® manufacturing and distribution rights for countries within the European Union.


EHE commenced low-level manufacturing during August 2009, following obtaining of CE mark approval of the new WhisperGen® model, called the EU1.


The major shareholder of Whisper Tech Limited is Meridian Energy, one of New Zealand's largest electricity companies.


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