company history  

1987: WhisperGen™ project commences at University of Canterbury,
           Christchurch, New Zealand
1993: Dr Don Clucas and Professor John Raine present concept to Southpower (now Orion)
1995: Whisper Tech Limited established with Southpower funding to develop, manufacture
           and distribute WhisperGen™ microCHP systems
1998: First commercial release of DC WhisperGen™ heat and power systems
2001: Purpose-built production facility openened in Christchurch
2001: UK in-house field trial of 6 AC units completed with major UK energy retailer
2002: Larger UK trial of 30 AC microCHP units completed
2002: Joint development agreement signed with Powergen (now E.ON UK)
           for commercialisation (UK)
2003: DC WhisperGen™ heat and power system available in Australasia
2003: Production of 400 AC WhisperGen™ microCHP units commenced for delivery
           to Powergen
2003/4: AC WhisperGen™ systems installed in UK homes by Powergen
2004: E.ON UK signs order with Whisper Tech Limited for commercial quantity of
           AC WhisperGen™ units and commits to purchasing at least 80,000 units over the
           next 5 years
2004: Whisper Tech Limited invites registrations of interest from prospective manufacturers
2004: WhisperGen™ chosen for one of the world's largest residential 'combined heat
           and power' installations in Manchester and wins prestigious building industry award
2004: Westpac New Zealand Hi Tech Awards - Whisper Tech Limited presented
           Dynamic Contract Manufacturing Deal of the Year Award
2005 (Sept): Whisper Tech Limited presented 'Best Commercialisation of the
           Technology' Prize at the 12th International Stirling Engine Conference and 
           Technology Exhibition held at Durham University School of Engineering                 
2006 (Mar): Dr Don Clucas presented the Institution of Professional Engineers 
           New Zealand Supreme Technical Award for Engineering Achievers 2006 
           - John Cranko Award (Mechanical and Manufacturing)
2006 (July): Meridian Energy takes control of Whisper Tech Limited and WhisperGen Limited

2008 (Jan): Manufacturing Joint Venture in Spain announced with Mondragon and

           Whisper Tech Limited

2008 (April): Manufacturing Joint Venture is officially incorporated; has now become a fully

           capitalised and operational company

2008 (Sept): Official Launch of 'Efficient Home Energy' (EHE) company - in a 2,700sq m

           factory building site in Tolosa, Spain with planned annual capacity of 30,000 units

           per year (single shift)

2008 (Sept): Officially recognised by the FLC (Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology

           Transfer) for 'Excellence in Technology Transfer' by utilising the DC WhisperGen™

           in remote applications - the Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Centre BP America

2008 (Nov): Whisper Tech Limited awarded 'New Zealand Engineering Innovator of the Year

           2008' for the WhisperGen™ micro-combined heat and power product

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