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Q: How does an 800W electrical output supply enough power for my household requirements?
A: You don’t need a generator sized for peak electrical demand when you only need it to produce that level of power a fraction of the time. It works by charging / maintaining the battery bank with a DC generator, the power from which is inverted to give you the AC power that you need to run all of those things that make your life comfortable.

Q: How does the WhisperGen™ heat and power system produce its heat for the household?
A: In the form of hot water; the outlet temperature is adjustable up to a maximum of 75 deg C.

Q: Can it run in conjunction with solar voltaic panels, wind-generators, existing generators or other systems normally associated with battery banks?
A: Yes it can.

Q: Can it work as back-up system supplying essential heat and power requirements in
larger homes?
A: Yes it certainly can.

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