On-Road ~ FAQ's


Q: It may be supposedly light, quiet, and efficient but isn’t it just another generator?
A: Definitely not your usual generator, it is a combined heat AND power system that delivers
    useable power and heat unobtrusively and automatically….and it really is quiet and


Q: Can it run on a variety of fuels?
A: The DC WhisperGen™ heat and power system is designed to operate on automotive

    diesel. A kerosene version is also available on request.

Q: Is it easy to operate?
A: Yes, very. A self-diagnostic computerised control system allows the system to

    automatically maintain heat and power levels, even when you are not in attendance.

Q: I like peace and quiet when I am on the road or stopping overnight; how quiet is the

A: At 55dBA @ 1m it really is only a hum, in fact it’s quieter than normal conversation with a


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