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The WhisperGen™ heat and power system


12V diesel fired / 24V diesel fired / 24V kerosene fire (available on request)
4 cylinder double acting Stirling cycle
Electrical: Modulated up to 800W, Thermal: Modulated up to 5.5kW (19,000 Btu/h) via sealed liquid circulation
Noise Level:
55dBA @ 1m (39")
Automotive grade diesel – consumption 0.75L/h (1/5 US gal/h) at max output
Battery Charging:
Automatic 3 stage
450mm (173/4”) x 500mm (193/4”) x 650mm (251/5”) (w x d x h)
Dry Weight:
90kg (198lb)



The WhisperGen™ automated power station (APS)

(Currently on trial in New Zealand only)


Base System Specifications include:


WhisperGen™ PPS16 - 12/24LD

100Ah @ 24V or 200Ah @ 24V battery bank

1500W 230V inverter

Diesel tank (20L)

Reday to be plumbed into hot water cylinder

Solar and / or wind-power ready

Weather proof durable enclosure

12 or 24V 


APS Options:


Integrated 45L hot water cylinder

Large cylinder available on request

Larger battery banks (up to 450Ah @ 24V & 900Ah @ 12V

2500W or 5000W inverter

Larger diesel tanks

Two WhisperGen™ PPS16 - 12/24LD fitted in one enclosure with battery bank and hot water cylinder in separate enclosure

Full custom design/build options available


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