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Whisper Tech has formed a joint venture company with Mondragon Corporacion Coopertiva, to form Efficient Home Energy, SL (EHE), based in Spain, who have been granted the WhisperGen® manufacturing and distribution rights for countries within the European Union.


EHE commenced low-level manufacturing during August 2009, following obtaining of CE mark approval of the new WhisperGen® model, called the EU1.


Current distributors/dealers for the WhisperGen® EU1 are available from the EHE website.


EHE are also negotiating other distribution agreements to extend coverage within the European Union Countries.


 for sales or distribution enquiries outside of the European Union.


Areas like the US and Canada will take some time due to compliance issues as well as suitability. Also we do not have commercially available a 60 Hz 110/220v version of the

on-grid WhisperGen™ microCHP system.



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