on-grid news

~ Whisper Tech Limited and various European partners are cooperating in pre-commercial trials of our innovative WhisperGen™ micro combined heat and power system.

~ Each WhisperGen™ microCHP system will provide 1 kW of electricity and around 12kW of heat, typically reducing greenhouse gas emissions of CO2 by 1000 kg per WhisperGen™ per household per year when compared with conventional forms of power generation. 


off-grid news

~ Whisper Tech Limited continues to explore new markets and applications for the grid-independent WhisperGen™ heat and power system and is in the process of appointing distributors for new markets.
~ The WhisperGen™ heat and power system works well in conjunction with solar, wind power and other systems normally associated with battery banks. As all these complementary technologies continue to develop and improve, the opportunities for integrated system applications are increased markedly. We are exploring a number of such opportunities that the WhisperGen™ heat and power system may have previously been considered unsuitable for, especially the larger off-grid applications.



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