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Q: Does it operate independently of the power supply grid?
A: No, it must be connected to the mains power supply to operate; it does not work as a back-up system.

Q: Can it run on a variety of fuels?
A: Currently the AC WhisperGen™ microCHP system is designed to operate on natural gas only.

Q: Is it able to be retrofitted to my house?
A: Generally yes, but it does depend on the layout of your house, appropriate space availability and your household energy requirements.

Q: Is it very big, where could I fit it?
A: At 480mm (19”) x 560mm (22”) x 840mm (33”) (w x d x h) it is about the same size as a dishwasher. It can fit under a kitchen bench but is usually installed in a hall cupboard, utility room or garage.

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